Specifications of Cow Carpet

Uses for Cow Carpet:

• Mud control
• Soil stabilization
• Walkways or pathways covered with crushed stone and dirt
• Rocks installed for flood control
• Ornamental rock walls
• Erosion control
• Water filtration
• Stream crossings
• Air filtration
• Sediment control

Properties for Cow Carpet:

• Water passes through it
• Stabilizes soil; no shifting or moving
• Traps sediment
• Can be melted, joined or sewn
• Supports great weight even in muddy or swampy conditions
• Rocks cannot puncture it even under heavy machinery
• Cut edges will not ravel or fray

Specifications and Information:


• Stock number is S&R700

• Rolls are 15 feet wide x 300 feet in length.

• Weight, 8 ounces per square yard

• Shipping weight - Approx. 250 pounds

• 500 square yards per roll or 4500 square feet

• Cow Carpet is earth friendly. All materials are synthetic fibers. No natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, have been used. This material has been accepted by all types of soil. There is no reaction to any of the soil's minerals.

• Water or mud will not rot the fabric or break down the fibers. Animal waste has no reaction to the fibers.

• All rolls are fully wrapped in plastic, packaged for commercial shipping and marked with content identification.

Before Cow Carpet

Installing Cow Carpet

After Cow Carpet