About S & R Textiles, Inc.

S&R Textiles, Inc.was established in 1979, originally dealing with textile waste and recycling. It was a trip to Don Bennink's North Florida Holsteins Farm in 1991 by founder Richard Roach that changed the direction of S&R forever. He saw cows knee deep in mud. Under producing, underachieving, completely stressed cows, whose lack of energy was due to the difficulty of movement.

He recognized the need for some type of surface that would allow these cows to walk stress-free, giving them the energy they need for good production, as well as making the owners job much easier. The thought process didn't stop there. In order to create a truly remarkable product, all aspects and circumstances had to be weighed, such as:

• How will it hold up under heavy machinery?
• Many farms consist of large amounts of land... requirements would be a durable product with low maintenance.
• How sturdy will it remain under the hot sun of summer and the cold nights of winter?
• Will it remain durable when exposed to water?
• How can we make the walking surface comfortable like natural sod?
• How natural can we make it feel, as opposed to a hard, uncomfortable surface, like concrete?
• And most importantly, can a product with all of these attributes be affordable?

With no knowledge of any product that can claim all of these qualities, Richard began working closely with Mr. Bennink, developers, and engineers in order to come up with our very own formulation.

After 2 years of strenuous testing, and countless trials and errors, the perfect formula was finally accomplished. Cow Carpet was born. It was then, in late 1992, that it became available to the public. Once the industry heard what Cow Carpet was doing for beef and dairy farmers across America, major magazines as well as cattle and livestock papers began publishing articles worldwide about the breakthrough.

Twelve years later, Cow Carpet is still one-of-a-kind. Throughout that time, many companies have done their best to imitate, but are yet to duplicate. To this day nothing has come close, and the world knows. We now have distributors placed in North America, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and England, and no plans to slow down.


Before Cow Carpet

Installing Cow Carpet

After Cow Carpet